Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ernie joins the family

Well after a little to'ing and fro'ing Ernie has joined the Ross family on the 18th of this month.  We picked him up from the salubrious back streets of Queanbeyan on a chilly Sunday morning at 7:30 !!!.  The truck driver Peter was really great and chatty given the hour.

Ernie being unloaded

We hit a few snags with the OzHitch connection on Charlie requiring a rather larger socket which meant we had to wait for Peter's mate over the road to open up so that we could "share" his spanner set ... of course it wasn't the size of normal trailer bolts ... came in at 1 5/16th of an inch ... so off to Supercheap or the like to see if I can find one so that we can move it around.....

But nonetheless we got Ernie home, Charlie did pretty well and the trailer breaks worked perfectly once adjusted.
Ernie in the driveway
So now its off the enjoy the fun filled process of inspection (yes crazy laws in ACT for all vehicles new or used) and registration.  Just love the process....

Monday, 12 August 2013

Seeking tag-alongs for 2014

Morning ...Only 327 days till we head off on our Cape York adventure ... anyone else looking to do the same and want to join a family with two boys (8 & 6 by then) for the long hall with camper trailer in tow? 

We aren't the type of people that are out to break vehicles but looking for a little adventure none the less. Looking to do some sections of the Tele track without doing to much damage to Charlie or family relations on the way. 

Happy to meet up somewhere along the way if that works ...

Send an email to skbc "at" netspeed.com.au

Cheers Stu

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

9 sleeps till Ernie

We are only 8 sleeps away from picking up Ernie the Extenda Camper from Trackabout.  Yes we have finally chosen our sleeping chariot after much debate, research and robust discussion.  Picking up from Sydney after his journey from Brisbane on the back of a truck.

A link to what Ernie looks like : http://trackabout.com.au/listing/safari-sv-extenda/.  We will of course be putting up lots more pictures of him in action over the coming weeks and months.  First big trip is to Queensland around Christmas time ....

Catch ya ...