About Us

We are a family of four currently undertaking a number of extended holidays over 3 years to explore this great big country of us.  Looking to travel in the dry seasons each year for between 2 - 3 months.  In 2014 we are looking to head north to Cape York and outback Queensland, 2015 will be the Central Australia being Northern Territory and some of South Australia, then rounding out Western Australia and more of South Australia in 2016.

In addition to Katie and me (Stuart), we have two kids, Griff and Andi and will be attempting the trips in Ernie the Trackabout Extenda camper towed behind Charlie Challenger.

As we are based in Canberra, we will be skipping much of the south eastern corner as we can cover these during shorter trip in school holidays.

If you have any tips on places to visit, send us a link or a message ... back to planning now ...

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