Friday, 3 August 2018

Lake Argyle

With shopping packed, a new battery installed we made the short 59 or so kilometres to the Lake Argyle camping area. While it took a while to get booked in (busy) we soon made our way though to the famous inifinty pool that everyone speaks about. 

Kids checking things out

The Rosspot Crew!

The Rossmob crew braving the chilly waters. 

So the pool was lovely but all reports of the temperature being a little on the chilly side on the forums and apps are 100% correct. It was a quick dip for most with only Andi and Bella braving the water for any thing more than 10 minutes. 

However the view of the lake with the colour of the water against the red cliffs was simply spectacular. The shear scale of how big the lake is was clearly evident and the day we arrived it was showing off its good side with a mirror like finish. 

We chilled in the sun before returning for some chilled out time back at Camp. Stu made a quick trip further up the road to check out spots to launch the kayak tomorrow morning, yes it was time to get it off the roof and a bit damp. 

We were able to get some snaps of the Dam wall and surrounds with the afternoon being perfectly  still. 

We have booked the lunch cruise for the next day as the sunset cruise (which was highly recommended) was all booked out until Friday.

Day 2 of our stay at Lake Argyle was another perfect wind free day.  With the excitement of the lunch time boat cruise in front of us we knock off a few journal entries with the kids, had pancake breakfast and wat he’d down movies in the making of the Ord River Dam. 

It was an impressive feet given the climate and challengers that the “wet” presents, the classic moment  being workers wearing no shirts, hats but then lighting excavation explosion charges with cigarettes !

The cruise was just perfect, heading from the north point through the heads (about 42 metres deep) then onto view some of the estimated 30000 fresh water crocs that inhabit the lake. 

Some of the positives that came from the damming included providing a island natural home for some highly endangered black footed wallabies free from natural predators.  The approach to consultation with the transitional owners wasn’t unfortunately evident and although some reconciliation and compensation has occurred the impacts of the dam are lasting. 

Other topics of interest included the barramundi farm that struggled cause the lack of tides meant the quality was below par.  There was also the mobile service available when we went within 10kms of Argyle Diamond Mine and feeding fish in a good way. 

 Peek a boo

Over a fantastic lunch with freshly cooked Silver Cobbler with salads to boot. This was after a lovely swim in the lake off the back of the boat. 

It was warm enough that even Mum got in!  Compared to the inifinity pool yesterday it was like bath water!  Even had some fish join us to see if they could scrounge a free feed. 

The cruise was just fantastic with some amazing views. 

We returned to a lazy afternoon with kids doing some more swimming and Stu going for a paddle in the kayak later in the afternoon. 

We finished the evening listening to Steve K the season’s musical entertainment. He was great singing both originals and covers. Great sense of humour. Check out YouTube for “Kimberly Cassonova” and “Double Dick Derrick” to check it some samples. 

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