Friday, 3 August 2018

Gibb River Road continues

We returned to the station in the morning for Ellenbrae’s signature dish - Scones with cream and jam.

The boys have decided that they are the best oven cooked scones they have tasted. 

Jamie got the tyre repaired and some welding sorted to get things back up to scratch mechanically. Reasonably priced as well given the location and isolation. 

The kids also had fun with Evie the dog playing catch with her chew toy. I think she was looking forward to us moving on, she looked pretty tuckered out as we left. 

We turned right back into the GRR heading for Mount Barnett roadhouse,180km down the road. 

It was an interesting section of road with some lovely sections adveraging 80-90km/h, some tar sections as well. And then there was the sections that shook everything no matter what speed you did. They say you can hide beer cans in the corrugations, and they weren’t far off. Will post some video of that one when we download it. 

We did a quick stop into the Barnett Gorge for a look see but made the decision that walking at this time of day wouldn’t be a good idea. The heat of the day can be quite intense. It seems to have some bite in it from about 9am through to 4pm and can be quite oppressive. 

We pushed on down to nicer section of road to the Mount Barnett Roadhouse to book into the campsite for Manning Gorge. It was said to be a longer walk of 6 km return so we would tackle that in the morning. 

Found a lovely camping spot not too far from amenities and still somewhat isolated.  We chilled in the heat of the day with cards, reading and general lounging about. 

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