Monday, 19 May 2014

Training - how helpful is it really?

Now that we have done a weekend's worth of training the question that comes to mind is how helpful it really, can you get from books, videos and just your own experience the same knowledge?

This ain't a post so I'll get to the point.  As someone who has done a small amount of 4wd around the Canberra and coastal surrounds, it still surprises how much there is still to learn.

A few key points I picked up:

  • little tips/tricks that I picked up in one weekend would have taken me many trips to gather through "normal" ad-hoc outings
  • an opportunity for a shared experience (kid free in our case) where both partners can learn and share the experience
  • an environment where you can test yourself and your car's limits in a safe environment
  • learn new things, techniques that will help you get out of trouble and in some cases not allow yourself to get in trouble in the first place

Katie and I both did the beginner, afterwards I chilled out behind the Bredbo pub in Ernie so that I could attend the send day whilst Katie returned to Canberra.

Video of some of the things we got up to.

I should note that I have no affiliation or connection with the training provider above. Its simply what I personally got from training ...

So in overall I think that its worth the coin to learn the right things the right way ... and few new things along the way

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Charlie has new boots

Had one of final bits to be done to Charlie today in the form of new shoes. Got a set of BF Goodrich all terrains and I must say they're looking a little tuff!