Friday, 3 August 2018

Kunnanurra bound

Today we left Purnululu and made our way to Kunnanurra. The primary aim of the visit was to fix the Philpot’s electrical issues once and for all. We had organised an auto elec guy to meet us on Sunday afternoon. It was only a short stay before we headed to Lake Argyle. 

We got up fairly early and all were out of bed by 6:15am. The sun comes up pretty early these days so by 5:30am it’s fairly bright. The dark canvas helps shield us a little but the warmth or kids visiting from 6am usually gets the adults going anyway. 

The trip out of the park wasn’t looked forward to by some, but went surprisingly quickly. Back on tar we aired up the tyres and enjoyed a lovely 300kms bump free stretch of road through to Kunnanurra.  

Although planning to do the Argyle mine tour, driving past the mine (which you wouldn’t  know it was there if it weren’t on the map) there wasn’t any signage about them. Seems that it’s a tour that leaves from Kunnanurra and the schedule didn’t stretch that far. Will have to save that tour of the largest diamond mine in the world for next time. Might mean we can save to make a purchase for Katie (as suggested by her) as well!

First stop on getting to town was a car wash to get the last few days dirt and dust off before we add another layer from the Gibb River Road in a few days. Also meant you could go near the cars and campers without getting filthy.  After we headed to the Hidden Valley Caravan Park for setup. Nice and quite and backing onto the Mirian NP, it was certainly a welcome change of facilities from the accommodation of the last few days. 

Once setup the next priority for the kids (and some adults) was the pool. Although a bit chilly to start with, it was so relaxing to just chill and soak out the dust!  Kids had several swims throughout the afternoon. Our resident fish Andi was in seventh heaven. 

With auto problems nearly solved (more work to do in the morning) we had a quite dinner, agreed on the next few tours and schedule and we were all in bed by 8pm. These early starts mean you pretty tired once the sun goes down as well. 

The next morning we packed up and waited for the second auto elec guy to visit whilst some went into town for food shopping. We were on our way to stay at the Lake Argyle Resort (caravan park) with its renowned infinity pool.  

With connectivity back again we were able to reconnect with the world. Boys chatted to friends back home, emails checked and schedule updates were made. Amazing how connectivity makes life so easy and yet hectic at the same time. 

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