Monday, 12 August 2013

Seeking tag-alongs for 2014

Morning ...Only 327 days till we head off on our Cape York adventure ... anyone else looking to do the same and want to join a family with two boys (8 & 6 by then) for the long hall with camper trailer in tow? 

We aren't the type of people that are out to break vehicles but looking for a little adventure none the less. Looking to do some sections of the Tele track without doing to much damage to Charlie or family relations on the way. 

Happy to meet up somewhere along the way if that works ...

Send an email to skbc "at"

Cheers Stu


  1. We might be interested, if you'll have us, and if the timing works out!
    We have been talking about that trip for some time and Hubby said on the weekend that it's the next big one, so...

  2. Canberra - Pam Hill ;)Only just realised I was under-identified in my last comment, sorry!
    So kids are 8 and 2. We did the Fraser Island trip in January. That's the biggest one we've done with trailer in tow. Travelled with others and it was great. We are keen for the Cape. Mostly will depend on J's work and travel dates. How long are you planning on taking?
    Talk soon.

    1. Hi Pam, we doing Moreton at Christmas as our first big trip aside form a few trips down the coast or overnighters around Canberra in the Brindies. We planning for an 8 week trip up there and back. Not expecting that everyone can do that as we'll meander up and back with a view to take 4 weeks from Cairns to the tip and back. We actually thinking my wife's brother will be flying into Cairns and will just do the 4 week stay with us.

      So no problem if you join for only a bit of the trip. I'm really keen to make sure we aren't travelling along on the trickier bits of the telegraph track in particular.

      Let us know what you think.