Sunday, 8 December 2013

Weekend away into the NSW High country

Well just got back from a weekend up in the NSW hihg country, specifically the top of the Kosciuszko National park.

We started of on lazy 10am on Saturday morning, Stu and the boys only with Katie busy finishing off assignments.  Joined by some friends from work we headed up to Picadilly Circus and then down to Brindabella, aiming to get to get to our camp for the evening being Bluewater Holes.

Feeling a little game we thought that we would tackle some powerline track that we had tackled in Charlie along. (Stu was thinking good test for what we might come across up the cape in terms of ups and downs).  Charlie cruised over without much of a problem, Ernie however was hung up with the 2m draw bar.

<ernie pics coming>

After much digging (and groaning) to increase clearance, not even the rear locker would give us enough traction to pull him through.  Ended up bending the front mud flap so first injury of the day.  Not to serious but something to think about ...

Got to camp and setup, didn't worry about the awning, only a single night didn't seem worth it even though its not a lot of fuss.  Did a quick trip to Talaganda Dam for a look see.  Not much to see wnad the wind was blowing so just a short stay.  Surprised to see quiet a few lads out for the weekend, would have to have beer in the veins to think it is warm enough to stay there though !!

Noticed also on this trip the number of Brumbies.  In all my trips previously people had raved about how many Brumbies they had seen, my count before this trip was a big fat zero.  Well I can say that the count took a sharp turn up with a quite a number of them both close and far away.

Brumbies close and far ... foals are very cute.

Back at camp, had a nice fire that evening.

Went to sleep around 10pm ... after dark the iThings came out and once batteries were flat it was bed time!  Although thinking it would be chilly with cloudless skies, to say it was chilly this morning was an understatement!  Frozen water pipes in the camper meant only one cuppa in the morning ... lesson for next time!

Decent frost on the mug in the morning, a morning camp fire was a must.

Had cooked breakfast.  Something quite cathartic about the smell of bacon and eggs at dawn witht he fog still being burnt off.  After our feed, thought that a walk would warm us up while things defrosted.  there are a few in the area that the ranger put us onto.  Caving is certainly something Griffy was keen on.  Visited Coleman Caves as well which were quite a bit bigger (60metres long) but we only explored as far as hte torches and Andi's confidence would allow.

Headed back to Canberra via Snowy Mountain Highway (left around 10:40), Adaminaby and then cut through on the Boboyan road.  It has just been graded so was a like a highway in bits.  Still have the maniacs doing 80 - 100 along there coming round blind corners and you just hope that soft roader coming straight for you can still steer!

All good though, home around 2:30.  Total distance about 350 kms traveled.  Avg fuel was about 15.5ltrs/hundred over the weekend ....  Great weekend had by all, even Mum at home ...

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