Sunday, 19 June 2016

And we off and running

Well first day down and it was certainly a big one in terms of kilometres. A total of 630 odd to get from Canberra to Bourke.  Getting into Bourke around 6:15pm in the evening. Learnt our lesson from Cape York where we took to long to get to the warmer areas!

A fairly uneventful drive with very little traffic being a Sunday.  In fact over the last 300 kms we would have been able to count the cars seen on one hand outside of towns etc. 

Well the weather is certainly encouraging us north. It pretty much rained from Molong onwards and it was getting pretty intense around Dubbo, Charlie was going to need to use his snorkel if there was to much more standing water on the road. He left quite a roosters tail of spray behind him. The caravan park was damp as expected, they had 50mm during the day, but we only here for a night before heading off to Charleville. Will be there for a couple nights so will be able to settle down a bit more. 

Now settling down with a few squares of top deck before teeth and bed. 

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