Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Western Australia 2018

Well its not long now before we kick off the last of our around Australia trips, whisking ourselves out of the depths of Canberra winter to somewhat more pleasant temperatures.

We aren't alone either with the adventures of going round Western Australia in 14 weeks to be shared with another family, the Philpots (their more organised FaceBook page).  Like us Ross's they have two kids as well, they are at either end of ours age wise, so should make a happy group of camp kids.  Some warm up trips together over the years bodes us in good stead to survive each other. 

With two families with campers in tow we head off into the wide blue yonder just after the school holidays and come back just before the next set finish up.  We think it's long enough but only time will tell.

The plan is to make our way up the centre to start with, doing long days down south to get out of the cold as quickly as possibly.  A few familiar kilometres to travel here.  A quick side trip for the Philpots to Uluru and Kata Tjuta with ourselves making news tracks into the east McDonald ranges.  We then rejoin forces at Alice and make our way towards Halls Creek via the Tanami Track, our first taste of long range dusty roads for a while.  Once we have defrosted we then head towards Kunnanurra before turning left down the Gibb and clockwise from there till we hit the south west corner around September.  From there weather permitting its a few days down south and the long trip across the Nullabor back to Canberra around mid October.

As we head off look forward to posting stories of our adventures, come along and join us for the ride.

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  1. Have an awesome time and look out for those Inland Taipan's eyeballing you next to the car again!!!!!!!!!!!!!