Sunday, 22 July 2018

Ross River to Tanami

Today we were leaving Ross River and heading back to Alice Springs to meet up with Philpots. It was a short drive so we took advantaged and stopped off at a few sites on the way. Once in Alice we had to shop for for 7 days and nights. Katie had a shopping list and after a bit of adjustment (!) she was set loose in the supermarket. 

The only hiccup was buying beer/cider - as they didn’t open till 2pm and it was only 12:30! It would be really poor form to wait till 2pm just for that so off to find a spot for lunch at a park where the kids could burn off some energy. Great to see that they get on so well. Jamie and Stu headed to fill up the trucks with fuel and campers with water. Some 300 litres between us of fuel took sometime which meant we didn’t wait around for 2pm :-) So off to the grog shop we trot doing drive by with drops and pickups. Turns out every other traveller had the same idea and the queue was quite lengthy. 

Finally after 2:45pm or so we are all packed and loaded with the single butcher stop on the way out of town.  By 3:00pm we finally left town not sure how much of the track we going to get done. 

Starting the Tanami we hit the tar section (very good road by the way) and we ended up staying at Tilmouth Well Roadhouse. Apart from the constant generator noise, trucks starting at 6am and seemingly warming up for ages it was ok. But still no dirt yet, tomorrow was the day. 

Camp at Ross River Station

Bit chilly in the morning at Ross Rover station

Ross River Campsite from the hill behind

Tilmouth Roadhose

Looking for keys at Tilmouth Roadhouse ... the joy

Tilmouth Roadhouse camp

Just a small flame, overnight at Tilmouth Roadhouse

We were greeted by these throughout the night

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