Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The adventure west continues

While we had three fantastic days at Adel's grove the adventure must go on. With fuel at the grove about 20% above average prices, we opted to head for hell's gate roadhouse as a refuelling stop on the way to Lorella springs. It will be a multi day adventure as 600 plus kilometres on dirt is no adventure for anyone, it's bloody hard work. 

We headed off at 9am, as we can't seem to leave any earlier, towards a newly opened road that cuts the distance to the savanna way in half. This does of course means opening gates, closing them and the winding through some pretty interesting country as we strive for connection to the Savanna way. If felt like steering  through people's private roads in places. A convoy of cars we came across passing though one set of gates was interesting - if they shared a set of teeth between them they would of been lucky!  Having just heard a conversation over the radio about whether they would be able to buy more magazines for their guns certainly kept our attention and we didn't hang around for a chat. Aside from  that excitement it was a fairly quite trip to the highway. 

We hit tar road and it was like sweets to a 10 year old. He was a happy lad, finally some semi-bumpy sleep. It just made Dad think about tyre pressures as he had them set for dirt! Strange what we all think about!

Further along the road we came to Hell's hate roadhouse, a beaut spot for lunch  and a break from the corrugations with odd spot of bull dust thrown in for good measure.  Many a time did the camper disappear in a cloud of dust as we hit a patch.  Lunch was the useful flat bread wrap with some leftovers from last night thrown in, a treat of a coke was thrown in for good measure. 

Had yarn to a few campers heading in the opposite direction and one had been to Lorella Spings. Couldn't of rave about it more.  Got us all excited as we refilled
Jerry cans!  

Hint for those wanting to use Mr Funnelas a water/fuel purfiier, just check that the funnel fits into the Jerry can nozzle.  Turns out ours doesn't, so we filled tanks without them and will hope for the best. So far so good.

We settled for the night on the banks of the Robinson river. Another camper (retired couple) had pulled up stumps too so some sense of safety out in the middle of nowhere.  Boys are glad to hear that the trip to get to Lorella Springs won't be as long as we only have 250ish kms to go. Had a lovely view from the kitchen whilst cooking dinner. 

A lovely fire or bush TV and we settled in for an earlyish night. Although might be a long one for Katie as she's already jumping at every little noise - in her defence it is a little unnerving hearing the snorts of horses, the bellowing of the cattle, squawking of numerous birds and the howling of the dingoes. Add that to the usual sounds of kid bumbling, my snoring and not putting the back stable legs down (meaning squeaks every time we roll over)...I better make sure it's breakfast in bed in the morning!

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