Monday, 11 July 2016

We get to the pointy end

We came into Darwin via Berry springs and it was amazing how a little drive up north increased the humidity so much. There was a marked difference in just 50kms. The park, Darwin's FreeSpirit, is huge. So big that they name the rows of campers. We were on fourth street, somewhat of a tight spot and this made it difficult to place the solar panels to get enough sun to recharge. 

When we got there the sun had a bit of a kick in it, but we didn't have much more for the next four days. It was a bit fiddily to get the most out of the sun for generation as we weren't onsite for much of the next four days. 

We caught up with Alice and Scott for dinner that evening. A lovely get together, the boys certainly enjoyed it as they hadn't seen Alice for quite a while. Their place is great, central and with a view of the harbour. Nice cool breeze as well. 

Next day we went to have a look at military museum of the bombing of Darwin in 1942. Great bit of history that none of us were really aware of. They presented the material is a way that both the boys and mum and dad could appreciate, including a collection of military jeeps, weapons and various equipment. Boys seemed very interested and have recounted a number of the facts after our visit. 

After a brief lunch in a park we headed to the town wave pool. Have a blast in the waves, Alice joined us with her blow up crocodile, Delila.  Griff loved using her to paddle in and out. Nice change from just a boring old warm spring :) The waves in the pool were quite furousous or perhaps we weren't used to it - everyone got dunked a time or two!

That evening we dined out at fish and chip joint recommended to us, it went by the quirky name of Frying Nemo. A bit expensive for fish and chips but the surroundings were perfect in a suburban marina.  

Next day started with Alice and Scott at rapid steet markets picking up some fresh herbs, bread and paela. Followed by exploring the oil storage tunnels created as a result
of Darwin's oil reserves being bombed in 1942. Amazing size, roughly 3.3m litres each and the fact they occur all over the city, 5 in all is a surprising stat in itself. 

One of the oil tunnels. 

We headed back to A&S's place for mouth-watering fresh prawns, before heading off to Crocosaurus Cove right in the city between a number of pubs. 

Amazing beasts, with the cage of death being a highlight for most as well as the reptile display. Surprisingly the animals in there were moving quite a bit, normally they are pretty sedentary so must have been near feeding time.

Cage of death, placed in a pool in a thick Perspex cage while they feed it around you!  People are nuts to pay for the privilege!

Alice, in the walk home showed us though her workplace - the boys loved sitting at her desk!

Our full day continued with a visit to the Mindel Markets at the beach. Wine at the beach for sunset, beautiful food from the stalls and two happy boys spending their money at the stalls - a fantastic way to end the day.

Our final day in Darwin was essentially a day of jobs. Good restock and fix'em ups as well as a final catchup with Alice and Scott, hosting them at our solubrious Ernie. The game of charades brought out the actor in each of us!

We had a great time in Darwin, there is lots to do, we only scratched the surface of activities. 

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