Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 47 - Cairns and farewell Chris

Aim of the day was firstly to de-cape the car before it's service.  Charlie was going for his 60,000 service as well as to have the air bag light sorted out.

Insert picture of Chatlie before his wash from Stu's phone.

The dealership was very fancy with drop off areas and a lovely lady Jade that took note of everything.  At the end of the day they still hadn't solved the air bag issue, the error code indicates a harness replacement is necessary and the parts would take a week or so to arrive.  So we organised for the parts to be in Canberra when we get back.  It means that we'll be without Airbags till we get home.  The staff commented that it would only be a problem if we had an accident!  Ha ha.  We didn't really have a choice as staying in Cairns for a week or so wouldn't have worked.

Back at the park the boys were itching for a swim.  We didn't get there last night as we arrived too late and it was getting dark once we had setup.  In between the bikes and the pools the kids were in second heaven.  The toughest choice of the day is which pool to swim in or do they play in the water park?

The other job for the day was to say farewell to Uncle Chris who was flying back to Albury today.  It has been great having Chris come along and I am sure (I hope!) that he enjoyed his time as well. After a few tears at the airport and short wait to see the plane take off we went back to our jobs.  We had to get some more gas and a replacement gas lead as the other one got dirt in it and wasn't working really well.  Another victim of the dust!  A trip to the usual suspects (BCF etc) resulted in strange looks and no answers.  A drop into the independent camping store Geopickers, and with really helpful staff we had our jobs ticked.  Highly recommended.

The final thing to tick off the list was shopping for the next three days.  Katie had a unescorted (kid free) excursion so it was ticked off in no time at all.  The boys were back in the pool and water park.  Dad just felt cold watching them run around in the reletively chilly temps.  The kids don't feel the cold until their lips start to turn blue!

Bit of a frantic evening for Mum cooking up egg and bacon pies (for lunches over the next couple of days) whilst we could use the stove in the camp kitchen and cooking fish and chips for dinner. It meant that by the time dinner was done, it was bed time and a good sleep was deserved. 

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