Monday, 25 August 2014

Day 59 - Barcoo River to Charleville

We hit a new record this morning being on the road by 8:55, even Griff commented that it was a good take off time!  We had a good night with the road trains quieting down from about 10pm. Only the odd one or two through the night.  The lights they must have on at night is impressive and you can hear them coming for miles.

We made it to Tambo by mid morning.  Looking at the website we had to manage expectations that we would not be purchasing a Tambo teddy, they were a tad on the expensive side starting at $120 for the basic one and going up to $290 for one in dress up.

However we rocked in and had a great chat with one of the ladies that makes them.  The boys were fixated as the little blue bear came together before their eyes.  They even helped put the stuffing in.

 Watching a little one come to life.

 A little bit of stuffing and they are born.

We left without a purchase but maybe a future purchase might occur for the right occasion.  We filled up Charlie as the price was right and off we went towards Charleville.

We spotted a few free camps on the way, they were ok but it seemed like 2pm was too soon to stop.  So we pushed into town and opted for an unpowered site, it was only $28 a night and meant warm showers and toilets and washing facilities.

We tried to book into the Cosmos observatory centre for a star gaze but no luck, all booked out.  We have a day up our sleeve so we will probably stay another night.  Seeing these stars each evening in all their glory and not having a closer look seems a waste.

We thought we would spoil ourselves again with a pub meal.  The air is certainly chiller by dinner time so the street were deserted with no outside dining.

Had a great fire next to the camp, not a usual thing in a caravan park.  On top of that they supply wood so it was extra good.  Our neighbours joined us.  They were on their way back home to Sydney after 5 weeks on the road doing the lap! Yes you read that right, 5 weeks and about 13000 kms.  Seems a bit rushed to us by they enjoyed it and they recommended a few new places to visit.  As the fire died and the air cooled Katie and I hoped into bed.  

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