Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 50 - Wallaman Falls

The main reason for visiting Wallaman was to see the falls.  These falls are the tallest single permanent drop waterfall in Austarlia, a total of 286 metres tall. Thankfully, as our boys aren't huge walkers, there was a lookout that you can drive to.

 An amazing sight.  Our camp is about 1 km from this to the left of the picture.
 An impromptu jig by Andi 

 A double act?

There was another lookout that allowed you to see down the gorge. It was only 300 metres but the moans started.  "Do we have to go".  Once we for there it all changed! The next thing the boys wanted to do the 2km walk to the bottom, not sure what changed but we went along with it.  So completely ill prepared with only crocs or thongs, no water, food or warm clothing off we set.  It was steep as but a good path, slippery in parts.  It took us a good hour to get down.

 Down at the bottom

 A rainbow in the mist below.

After a bit of rest at the bottom, the accent began,  Down the bottom it was steamy, the sweating started early.  As you got higher the breeze picked up so there was a little relief.  We actually made it up in 40 minutes, faster than the decent.  We were somewhat exhausted and drinks and nibbles back at the car were appreciated. 

For the rest of the day it was clear of rain so the boys relaxed, played tug of war, had fun collecting wood for the fire. With our pastry chef now down south, Dad thought he would try out the scone recipe.  After the rain of last night it would be an uphill battle trying to find dry enough firewood.  We struggled, even a little diesel didn't help and it was a small fire affair.  They resulted in only one batch and they were little under done.  Took nearly an hour to cook as apposed to the 15 minutes.

We had to pack up the kitchen at night, with last nights little visitors they had up sized for tonight's excursion.  Bandicoots came out and joined us.  Certainly weren't worried about people being around trying to go right into the annex while we sat at the table!

Insert picture of bandicoot from Stu's phone

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