Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day 61 - Charleville to Bourke

Chilly start to the morning with a low of 3.9 degrees.  Nothing compared to what we'll face in Canberra but the chilliest we had for a while.  Boys slept ok, Andi better than a bombling Griffin.  It was moving day so we were up and at early but not too early given the temperature.

Drove from Charleville to Bourke, boring road, mainly straight.  Vegetation more mulga scrub, after yesterday's trees around Charleville it was almost back to desert stuff.  The red dirt was back with a vengence on both sides and seems to have a real impact on the types of vegetation that survive,  the body count of dead kangaroos continues to grow, the roadkill was pretty bad.

The roads were pretty boring as I mentioned, lots of straight sections.  Andy Griitth's Just crazy audiobook got a full run through to keep everyone entertained.  A total of 220 minutes of fun!

We pulled into Bourke around 4pm.   We opted to only stay for one night so as to break the trip back to Canberra into two.  The town was smaller than we expected, but clean and a few attractions. The back of bourke centre being the main one.  We felt we had done very similar things before in Longreaach so gave it a miss on this occasion.

The boys had homework duty after setup so just a quite night for the Ross's as their trip draws to a close, only 2 sleeps left!

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